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Berikut adalah daftar sebagian kecil penyedia layanan counter dan web statistic tracking gratis yang bisa Anda gunakan untuk membuat tampilan situs homepage Anda menjadi tampak lebih profesional. Jika Counter digunakan untuk mendata berapa banyak jumlah pengunjung situs Web Anda, maka Web Statistic Tracking digunakan untuk melacak dari manakah pengunjung situs Anda mendapatkan link ke Homepage Anda!

Catatan: Sebagaimana halnya dengan GuestBook, biasanya penyelenggara situs Free WebSpace juga sekaligus menyediakan Counter gratis yang bisa digunakan dalam Homepage Anda.


PENYEDIA Web Statistics/Counters
Pandawa Counter Gratis Dari Indonesia
TheCounter Counter dan Statistik seperti yang digunakan
Superstats SuperStats is a free web page statistic service that you can use to track visitors, hits, browser types, domain names, IP addresses, traffic patterns of your web pages and more. SuperStats gives you five full days worth of detailed statistics along with monthly totals. No limit on traffic or amount of web pages. Shows referring web pages, so you can see how people did find your website. Good service, but you have to include a large banner on your page.
Freestats Tells how many hits your page gets, how many unique visitors your page gets each day and month, and shows who they are. Also shows the pages where your visitors are coming from.
NedStat USA
NedStat NL
This statistics service is free for non-commercial pages with up to 10 000 visits per day. Other packages- for commercial pages - and with more advanced options are also available, but not free. The free service is used by Freebyte. By using this service, you only need to place a small NedStat image on it.
Showstat Free statistics service as long as you place their small icon on your page; your page should generate less then 10,000 hits per day. If it generates more traffic, the serviced is no longer free.
Better Counter Features of the free service: keeps counts of up to 20 pages, for up to 500 hits per day. Hits analysis in a customizable page structure. The non-free service does not have the above limitations.
Easy Counter Offers several webpage counters. Features:
* Set the initial value.
* View the counts on all webpages simultaneously.
* Additional reset counter which counts the number of hits since reset.
Note: the counters contain large advertisement banners.
Fast Counter Free Web counter, easy setup. Advertises with the fact that it does not slow down your page, because of its fast response time. Statistics reports are send to you by email. You can choose from several different counter styles.
Maweb Free Web counter. You have to put a link to their page in return. You can have up to five counters.

Aaddzz - FREE Counters

Aaddzz provides FREE counters & trackers with reporting for Web pages.

Absolute  Free Web Counters

Free web site counters - scripts and providers. Visit the Absolute Free Stuff Directory for indepth listings of trials, samples, and freebies.

Add a Hit Counter

Add HTML tag where you would like your counter to appear.

Freeserve webpages

This page describes how to add a free hit counter to your Freeserve webpages. Constructing and uploading your webpages are covered elsewhere in my pages.

A Hit Counter To Your Web

Adding A Hit Counter To Your Web Pages.

Aid4 Free Counters

Aid4 free webpage counters and website counters with hit or visit counters and tons of free stuff for website building, design and promotion.

All Free Spot counters

All Free is loaded with free graphics, icons, guestbooks, counters and trackers.

bCentral - FastCounter

Web Advertising: Online banner ads on Yahoo, Excite, bcentral, and more, at small-business prices. Advertise to drive traffic - purchase an affordable ad campaign today. -

Beseen's Hit Counter

LookSmart's Beseen provides an assortment ofgreat web site enhancements.Spruce up your web site with high quality free chat rooms, message boards, quizlets, graphics, hit counters -

Cameron's Free Counter (Register)

Cameron's Free Counter. Please enter a valid email address. I will notify you of new features to the counter as the... URL: 

Cash Free Counters

Free Counters for your Web Page. -

Hit counter and statistics

123Counter, Free counter and statistic tracker for your web page.


To provide a means for people to display a general count of the hits to their page. first - V isit our sign-up page and fill out some basic background information.

Counters for WEB -

Free downloads of WEB Page counters and trackers. -

Counters For Your Page

Free counters and tracking services for your web page -

Easy to use hit counter service for your website. -

Quick and Dirty Hit Counter

Nowadays, having a hit counter on your website is essential -- to find out how many visitors come to your site, who they are, and if possible where they came from. -

Demo Case Study - Hits Counter

is an online vitamin store and a health information resource. To keep track of their website traffic and analyze the popularity of the various types of content they provide, they -

Dump Free Counter And Start Tracking

It seems that every other web site we visit has some sort of hit counter on the main page, supposedly telling us how many people have been there before us. -

Explode your hits counter! Free Traffic

Get paid surfing the web! Free service. Residual income. -

Free Counter

Welcome to the Free Counter Page -

Free Counter .nu  Free counter in 1 minute! NO ADS!

Site Meter

A fast, free Web counter that features custom counters styles. Site Meter creates dynamic 3D charts showing visitors, page views, country maps, visit

Free Counter and Statistics Tracker

A fast, free Web counter that features custom counters styles. Site Meter creates dynamic 3D charts showing visitors, page views, country maps, visit


Free Counter and Trackers is list to FreeChannel.NET. A comprehensive list of internet Free Counter of everyone that is updated daily. -

Free Counter For Your Page!

Here a list of free counters for your website. Some of which don't have any kind of server. If you encounter a counter that isn't a buisness I suggest you be wary. So, pick a

FREE Counter Service

FREE Web Statistics and Web Counter for your site! GetStats gives you several types of critical stats from monitor types, to browser types, from page

Free counter stats

AddFreeCounter provide to Webmasters statistics and counters for their internet site. The service is free and you can choose from 50 different counter styles. Features : - No logo -

OX Free Counter

Oxnu free counter - day visitor web counter, access counter, tracking free serviece, total visitor web counter, free statistics, free news letter...

Free Counters

Free counters for your webpages -

Free Counters

FREE COUNTERS AND WEB UTILITIES Here is a list of for use on webpages. and Stuff for your Site Fast Counter from Link Exchange Site Meter.Com PageCount Rapid. -

Free Counters

Name Stats Digits Ads Size ByteCenter No Yes No ~50x10 SiteStatz Yes No No 25x25 NedStats Yes No No 22x22 Name Stats Digits Ads Size Advertisement Advertisement Get your website a -

Free Counters

Counters in hundreds of font styles provides FREE access reports. These reports show information such as what part of the country your visitors come from, what size screen they -

Free Counters & Trackers

A collection of free counters and trackers -

Free Counters on Free Center

Free Center's list of free counters and trackers let you find a way to track and count the number of people that come to your page. You can find out statistics like what country -

Free counters and free trackes

A list of the best counters and trackers on the Net!. -


Free counters and trackers for webpages and homepages at #1 Free Stuff -


Links to free counters and trackers -


If you need a free counter, you undoubtedly will find the best one. Over 60 categories of freebies. -


a comprehensive list of free counters and trackers hosted remotely, offering detailed statistics about your visiters. -


Free Counter and tracker page list all the free counter and tracker providers on the net!! -


We focus on free counters -

Free Counters 411Law

F r e e b i e F r e n z y Software - Guestbooks - Web Space - Counters - Freebie Sites E-mail forwarding - Graphics - Banner Ads - Java Money - E-mail programs - CGI - Fonts -

FreeBackgriund counters

Free counters, free hit counters for your webpage. Take a free webpage hit counter. -


 webstat... URL:


Free Hit Counter and visitor statistics for your website! -


We have gathered all the FREE services on the net for making sites and brought them all to you for FREE. -

FREE Hit Counters

All my counters as with most of my themes have extra graphics that give my counters a very unique non-FrontPage look.  Instructions Right click and save each graphic or download -


A Hit Counter keeps track of how many people visit a page, and, returns that number to the page. The number can either be displayed as an image, or as plain ASCII text. -


Hit Counter keeps track of how many people visit a page, and, returns that number to the page. The number can either be displayed as an image, or as plain ASCII text. Fastcounter -

Free Java Hit Web Counter Applet

Try my free Java Hit Counter. It's as simple as inserting some HTML into your Web page! -

CountTheHits - free page counters

We focus on free page counters hits -

Free Planet Free Counters

Everything you need to build a web page is here and the best part of it is. It is all free!!! -

Free Point - free counters

The best free stuff from the net can be found here. We have everything from free web space and e-mail to free statistic counters and freebies. -

Free Stuff Connection: Counters

Free Stuff Connection features thousands of great freebies for everyone. Check us out and get everything you ever wanted - FREE! -

Free Stuff Directory: Counters

Free Counters, free counter for your home page web site page count hit web -

Free Stuff Place -  Free Counters

Get a free counter or tracker for your web site -


guangjie shi's free stuff and freebies: free counters, free chat rooms, free web spaces, homepages, forms, free email services, email forwarding, guest books, free animated gifs. -

QUAFA FREE Web Counter

Click here for a good free web page counter. Find out how many people visit your web page now! -


This counter is designed to help you easily track hits on a single webpage or multiple webpages. -

NorthLINK Free Counter

A free, centralized, automatic web page hit counter. No scripts needed, just pick the code sample you like below, change the data file name, and bingo, you're all set. -

1stSiteFREE WebCounters

Links to free web page counters -

Freebay - Free Counters

Freebay - Free Counters and Trackers Bay - Find all the best free counters and tracking services availabe to use for free on your web site. -


Freebiescenter Directory of free webspace emails guestbooks counters chatrooms message boards hosted CGI java download midi mailing lists banner exchanges graphics url submissions -

FreeStats-Free Counter

Welcome to the Freestats Counter. This counter is very easy to install. In order to use this counter you MUST be a current user of Freestats.

Freeware Connection - Free Counters

Comprehensive index of free web counter providers. -

Graphical Hit Counter

Determines how much to increment the counter. Using 0 means the counter will not increment. Using a value less than 0 will result in no increment. -

ElDarco Hit Counter

You can place an odometer style counter on one or more of your web pages. Although many vital statistics can be reviewed via the mkstats program in your Control Panel -

TheDOPPIN Hit Counters

One of the first things people want to know when they come to your web site is how popular you are, and on the internet the way popularity is measure is by how many hits you get. -

VineBURG Hit Counters

All my counters as with most of my themes have extra graphics that give my counters a very unique non-FrontPage look.  Instructions Right click and save each graphic or download -

Hit Me Counters! Free Counters

These are the most basic of counters. They're free, and they provide you with a basic hit count for your pages. Some will require that you link back to their site, while others -

IC Dirrect Home page Hit Counter

More Than a Counter - Direct Hit provides you with the most reliable and easy to use FREE hit stats tracking program on the Web. Direct Hit tracks: Daily,Weekly and Monthly Hits -

How to add a hit counter

We currently only support Front Page Webbot hit counters. We will be adding CGI hit counters shortly. If you have Front Page simply go to Insert on the tool bar, go to FrontPage -

Installing a Hit Counter in HTML

Site America provides a CGI script that allows you to insert a counter into your web site without subscribing to an outside service. -

Installing Hit Counters on NT

Web site hosting technical support faq -

Just Free Counters!

Just Free Stuff! Free Webpage Counters, Books, Cd's, Posters, Contests, Games, Software, Graphics, and a Lot More!! -

Matt's Script Archive: Counter

Allows you to represent the number of visitors to your page (or more accurately, the number of people to load the counter image) through a graphical depiction.

MnetWeb Free page counters

MnetWeb presents Free cusomized, personalized page counters that are cool! -

NetFreebies.Net - Free Counters

Count your traffic for free, with free counters! -

Otoku.Net : Free Counter

Counter Gratis dari Otoku - URL:

ASP, PowerASP Active Server Pages Based Hot Counter System -

PowerExchange  - free counter

Wwebmaster free banner exchange free banner advertising free counter free tracker for your web site... URL:

Professor Mandia's

Add a Hit Counter to Your Page -


wizardry design -

Site Stats

Site Stats is the premier statistics service for web site owners, providing real-time web traffic tracking and reporting services.

The Museum of Counter Art

The Museum of Counter Art is a showcase for counter digit artwork used in web page counters from around the world. Counter Art is displayed in the various exhibit rooms of the - gives you daily in-depth traffic reports, with no fancy server-side scripts to install, for free. Track number of visitors, referrers, browser popularity, operating - offers free web resources, counters, trackers, free guestbooks, graphics, freeware, games, shareware, free services, E-mail services, fonts -

To add a Hit Counter to your FrontPage document

You must do a Recalculate Hyperlinks operation before the WebBot Hit Counter Component will appear in the "Insert WebBot Component" dialog. To do this: Connect to your Internet -

Totally FREE Hit Counters

Are You looking For Free Statistics for Your home page? We have the best hit counters,trackers for your web page -

Hit counter in FrontPage

If you use FrontPage 98 or 2000 the procedure to insert a hit counter is relatively the same. The first step is to import the image in the images folder of your Web site -

Web Page Counters!

The largest collection of FREE and almost FREE web page counters and stats pages in the world, over 130 counters and counting! -

WebCounter Usage Page

This file contains information which should help you use your counter. If you have more questions, see the FAQ Page -

Webmaster Free Maniac

Get free tracking devices for your website to view how many visitors are landing on your site, how long they are staying, and what they are doing. All this is FREE! -

What-is-free: Free Web Counters

Why pay if you don't have to? See the best picture of what's free on the Net. -

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